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Powders and Palettes

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I really wanted to find a palette that has all the pinks and red with some shimmer colors and it had to have the browns for blending. Wow was I asking for a lot from a drugstore brand palette? And if I was already asking for that why not let the universe know it needed to have payoff and not forget to mention pigment.

So I went to work researching and trying to find that affordable option. And I think I found something…

I am going to use this palette three times to show you three different Valentine’s looks you can get out of this one palette.

Now I am going to be using other items with this palette but it is an affordable option.

I present you Rimmel crimson edition palette. Now when I tell you that this is an affordable palette that has all the pinks and the browns and some shimmers. It was marking all the boxes for me. Then the palette was going to be around nine dollars. Which is affordable, But I was able to buy the pallet online and pick it up at Walmart pick up for $1.70. Now $1.70 is so much better than nine dollars!

  • This week for look one we are going to start with a simple cute pink look. What are your thoughts on this palette and Rimmel London products?
  • Let’s begin with the last brown shade in the palette and blend it on the crease. We are not going lower than the crease with this shade. On a clean fluffy brush defuse this shade a little more.
  • We’re going to place the lightest pink shade on the base of the eye and blend it right up to that crease color that brown shade we first placed.
  • Now let’s apply this more Crimson shade in the crease a little lower than the brown and blend it up into the brown.
  • We are going to add some sparkle! I love elf’s metallics eyeshadow, they add the right amount of shimmer and have a comfortable wear formula. This is Elf metallic eyeshadow in shade little dipper. We are going to draw a line on top of the crease and flick it outward. Then we are going to finish the look with lashes and black liner. After that, we are gonna add the lower lash line shade the lightest brown shade first to make it easy to blend. After that is placed pick up the crimson shade and add it on top of the brown shade.

This look is so pretty and can be easily be done and would be a great date look. I love this community and being able to create creative content for you. Click the LIKE button or leave a comment down below it helps a lot as a small creator. Have an amazing day and I’ll talk to you next time. Next week we will do another Valentines looks!

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