Valentines #2

Powders and Palettes


Brown Eye Valentines Look

Hi friends, Happy February!!

We are picking up where we left off last week with this palette. Rimmel Magnif eye in crimson is the palette that we are using for three eye looks for valentines. Today we are going to create look #2.

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Last week we did a fun shimmer pink eye and today we are going to do a clean brown look that is perfect for Galentine’s day. 

Now I already have my foundation and brows done. On a fluffy brush let’s pick up a lighter brown that we can build upon our crease. Blend that out so it’s light but also gives us the base for the shape you are wanting to create. 

Let’s choose a deeper brown for the outer corner shape and use this shade to enhance the desired shape. And blend this shade up into the crease. Pretend this shade is almost like your liner. Using it up to the crease shade and also placing it down on the outer lid and lining the outer lash line. 

Let’s add some sparkle and shine to the brow bone and inner corner. I’m using a shimmer from the raw beauty Kristi palette but you can choose any highlighter or shimmer that works for you. There is a shimmer shade in the palette but it’s more of just a light shimmer and I want something that has more payoff.

Now let’s go back to the Rimmel palette and we are going to mix two shades. I’m gonna choose this crimson and the middle brown. And use it to create a winged liner. It’s not gonna be a bold dramatic liner but it’s going to give off the clean classy vibe. And that’s really what we want for this look. 

For the lower lash liner let’s add a nude liner for the base and a brown eyeshadow or you can do a brown liner. The eyeshadow is a little easier to blend and it’s right here in the palette. When doing the brown we are only going halfway. From the outer corner to the middle of the eye. 

I love this! And once you do it a couple times it’s so easy. What are your thoughts so far about this Rimmel palette???  

I will see you next week for the last of the valentine’s looks. I love this community and being able to create creative content for you. Click the Like button or leave a comment down below it helps me a lot as a small creator. Have an amazing day and I’ll talk to you next week.