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I did this look for an easy way to do a beautiful green eye. Sometimes with doing a look with green it can be hard to blend and become patchy. I love this palette from Colourpop not only does their palettes have major pay off but also quality. So let’s talk about it,

We are going to break down how easy this look is,

Kiss My Hass is were we are going to begin. Start by blending that color into the crease with a fluffy brush. Also let’s go out father than your eye to use that color to make our shape.

Then we are going to pick up Act Natural on a smaller fluffy brush. Pack that color on the counter corner and blend that into Kiss My Hass and into the corner of the eye.

Once you have that shade all blended let’s us our finger to place Mary Jane onto the lid. Since this is a shimmer shade it works best with your finger. Your finger are the best tools.

TIP If you have a smaller lid space try bring Mary Jane higher up than you normally would. It will still be the same look but you will be more able to see the color and still have it pop.

Now lets grab Mo Bamba and blend this in the outer corner to deepen. Then Big Banks, lets place this green in between the yellow shade and the green outer corner to have them really mesh together.

Okay we are at the end with this tutorial but we can’t forget about the lower lash line.

Kiss My Hass on a fluffy brush and and using this color really gently. You want this color to be the base and placing a base will make it easier to blend. On a small brush pick up Act Natural and blend. Then on a small detail brush let’s grab Mo Bamba and place this color really close to the lash line and outward.

I am in love with this eye look and i could see me wearing this again. Think how grungy 90’s you could style this!! So fun!

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