One Brand Series | Elf Cosmetics

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I wanted to show you some products that I have in my collection that is all about Elf. Some of them I have talked about before but that haven’t been used in such a long time. I can’t say this is shop my stash because I’m not going to show applying any items so its a one brand…?? Whatever this is let’s talk about it,
Cameo CC Cream

I was lucky enough to pick my shade on the first try!! So that’s a bonus, The formula is fuller than I really expected. I have tried some of their other foundations in the past and it didn’t stand my quality range. Something I loved is that there is no fragrance. I didn’t get any break out from wearing this CC Cream either. I know everyone is saying this a dupe for the It Cosmetics CC Cream, I used to wear that CC Cream all the time and I’m not sure it’s a full on dupe but a close second.

Retro Paradise Palette

The 18 piece palette is an okay. I did a full tutorial on this palette and if you want to check that I will link it down below for you. I would say this palette is a little chalky. Back when I purchased this palette I wanted to add this color story into my collection. But now that I have some palettes from Beauty Bay I wouldn’t buy this again.


Elf brushes are good. Not a bad quality and these are just as great as their brothers and sisters. The color makes them even cuter.


I don’t hate this but it is drying. I have the shade Tough Cookie. The color is nice but I don’t think its as great as they claim. The formula is thick and a little bit over drying. It is also not comfortable, it has the waxy texture that you feel and it just sits. If I wanted a tinted lip balm I would choose something like Honest Beauty. Those tinted lip balms have more of a color lasting power.


I seen lots of people saying this was such a great mascara. Well for me there isn’t enough lift. And I find at the end of the day the mascara ends up under eye. It just doesn’t have the staying power I need in a mascara. I just feel like it disappears during the day and I find most of it under my eye. Maybe I bought the wrong mascara that everyone is talking about. Let me know in the comments or send me a DM.


I was really excited when i seen this brush. When I started using this my excitement fell short. The brush side for foundation is too fluffy. For a more even application you want the brush to be a little more firm. So I will be using the brush for blush. As always there isn’t rules on tools and brushes on what product you have to use them for.


I love this eyeliner and it even made a spot into the my beauty favorites post. If you missed that go and check that out. It has a great felt tip and glides really well. I totally recommend this product.


I have been using this primer since it came out. And to this day I still like it. In the photo you can tell I have used it a lot. Even if your planning not to wear a foundation, you still can wear it alone for a even skin tone finish.


This was a shadow from their most recently collection and it was something that was hard to get my hands on. I can’t say i love or hate this. Its just okay. To me the hype over these sticks is unknown. Eyeshadow sticks are for more a dry eyelid vs oily.

Elf Cosmetics is a great brand. But sometimes their products are a hit or a huge miss. It makes it easier for the misses to be over looked due to the low cost. I love that they are a lower cost cosmetics then I can try all the new things or something that is over looked. What are your thoughts on this brand?? Do you buy everything they come out with or do you just try some of their products??

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