Top 5 Series | Skincare

Today we are diving into another top five and we are going to talk all about skincare.
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If you are new to my top five series of each makeup category. This way makes it easier for you to choose something worth your money at the drugstore.


This serum I haven’t shared with you yet! Vichy is a serum to hydrate and it even gives your skin that nice plump glow. It is formulated with 89 percent volcanic mineral water. Those minerals are good for irritation, hydration and soothing your skin. I use two pumps each morning and night. I have been using it for over two months and I still love it. Oh and its fragrance free!!


You know how I preach to you about wearing protection for your gorgeous skin. It is so important!!! But I know sunscreen can be thick and have a white layer that know matter how long you rub it in it doesn’t go away. This Sun Bum sunscreen is a moose like texture and is tinted!!!! It could be too dark if you are very far skin.


Body lotion isnt something i usually tell you about, but I use this rough and bumpy lotion on a daily. The Cerave Rough and Bumpy Skin is a light weight formula. The formula to moisturize and exfoliate your skin while protecting and restoring your skin barrier. Like all the Cerave products it is packed with the three cerminds.

The hand sanitizer and harsh hand soap really has done an number on my hands. So at night when watching tv I slather this lotion on and wear gloves. It’s a silly sight but it helps to lock in the moisture. I really recommend this lotion.


We absolutely cant forget my favorite guy Great Barrier Relief. In my One Brand Series | Krave Beauty I raved all about him. And still I’m in love. Niacinamide and calming oils Sigh… what else could you ask for. Your skin will thank you


I’ve spoken a few times about how my skin is oily. And I’ve started using this toner from La Roche Posay. My skin has really changed alot in the last year and mask acne didn’t help. This toner really helped keep my break outs at a bay. The La Roche Posay toner says to use twice a day. For me and my skin i chose not to do that. I only use it at my night routine. There is also no sting, no fragrance and no tight skin feeling.

Do you have these products?? Are you wanting to pick these up? Let me know if you try any of them out. I really like doing top five series

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