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Hi friends, I took some time away because I have some family stuff that happened. I’m focusing a lot on family and I do have some content batched for you. But if you would keep my family and me in your thoughts it would be greatly appreciated. Today we are going to be talking about your lovely locks. And a shampoo line that I have been loving lately. Now lets talk about it,

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I have been noticing change in my hair lately and it hasn’t been good. Yes my hair is getting small streaks of gray but that isn’t something that is really bothering me, It’s the thinning and I thought maybe it was something I’m not doing?

Well after trying to find out what is wrong with me and why it was something I was not doing. It turned out it was a product that I was using. I’m someone that checks ingredients in makeup and skincare but what about shampoo?? Shampoo is shampoo right? Well, I was wrong.

Think about how your skin starts getting breakouts after all the new stuff you have been trying and you have to go back to basics. That is the way I started with a do over so to say for my scalp. I picked up Kristin Ess Shampoo at Target. Now she has a lot of products at Target and I didn’t pick up all of them at one time or use them all. I started with just one shampoo the Extra Gentle shampoo.

The Extra Gentle shampoo is a sulfate free shampoo that gently cleanses your scalp and hair. Once I used it I noticed that my hair had the shine and bounce that it was missing. Most of her products, I can’t say all because I haven’t tried all her products but most of them have a zip up technology that helps ‘zip up” weak areas and split ends. I really like this shampoo and the wonderful smell is a bonus.

Signature Hair Shampoo now you know me if I don’t enjoy a product I’m gonna tell you. This was not a hit for me. It just leaves my hair feeling too greasy even after I rinse and rinse. The smell is also something I don’t enjoy. I’m stilling using it to finish the product but I am happy I didn’t purchase the full size.

Deep Clean Clarifying Shampoo I can’t pick which is my favorite it would be a toss between this and the gentle shampoo. The smell and how it leaves your scalp and hair is beyond words. Since this is a clarifying shampoo it isn’t for all the time use. You want to use a clarifying shampoo weekly if you use a lot of products and have build up. But for me it is about every other week depending on my hair. Pair this with a mask or a deep conditioner.

Weightless shine working serum I picked this up because I ditched all my products that had ingredients that I was getting away from. And don’t freak out they didn’t go to the trash. Donations and mostly friends. I use a very very small amount of the serum and warm it in my hands and apply on damp hair. If I do use to much it makes my hair kind of texture clumpy. So it have to be careful on how much I am applying. It does it job as shine and taming my crazy frizz.

I like to let my hair air dry. So I picked up the air dry cream. I really want to see if this product tames my fizz and smooths it out. I can’t do a full review on this product because I have only used it a few times. When I do a review for you I like to give the product a full month of use to test. I will definitely give an update. But so far the cream seems to smooths out the frizz I have at the front of my hair. So stay tune for my update ha ha

I’m not saying this is the gold of the tier shampoo or that I will make hair grow back from thinning. I want to be clear, this is a shampoo that is working for me. I do LOVE Kirstin Ess and her ideas and this shampoo line is great (for me). I have been a supporter of her for a while. But just because I appreciate her work doesn’t mean I will enjoy all of her products. I am always honest on my reviews. If you are interested on knowing some ways that I am helping my hair grow and be more healthy let me know in the comments so I cant make that content for you.

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