Lashes | Top 5

Hi friends! We are going back to our top 5 and doing LASHES!!

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If you are new to my Top 5 Series, I don’t rank them. It is just five products that are worth your money. In the lashed category they are all from the drugstore. Now lets talk about it,

1 Eylure Accent 003 – For me these are a great place to start if you are learning how to wear lashes. These are dark and full but light weight. A great starting place.

2 Ardell Magnetic Lash 110 – Now I know your saying no not a magnet lash. But hear me out two pairs of lashes that are different style. What? Okay carefully take off the magnets and you have light weight two different style lashes. I’ve managed to get most of my magnet lashes on clearance and it makes it even better.

3 Eylure Line & Lash Adhesive Eyeliner – When this came out I knew I had to have it. The felt tip eyeliner pen is an adhesive and black eyeliner. It also works with any faux lash. It makes it an easier process of applying lashes.

4 Ardell Wispies – Looking for that feathered, light and volume? These are it! Its not too much volume that feel heavy or that you could take flight at any time. For me it is the right amount of volume.

5 Ardell Naked Lashes 422 – These are layered so they can give your eye the lifting effect. The lashes are soft and have the invisible band that gives comfort all day. They are a very natural lash you might even forget your wearing them.

I apologize for the look of these photo’s. I got a new light box and I tried to make it work before I decided to pack it back up and send it way.

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