On The Nightstand

Hey Loves,

I did an interview with VeryKemi a couple weeks ago. VeryKemi is a site that focus on skincare. They asked me to be apart of their series called On the Nightstand.

On the nightstand is a series they do that sees how others around the world uses their skincare. I was so honored that they wanted me to be apart of this amazing topic. I have talked about in a past post about my morning skincare routine. So when they asked about my routine I wanted to focus on the night routine. My night routine doesn’t have as many products and I want to keep it minimal because I use so many different products in the day plus makeup. I want my night to be just focusing on hydration and what my skin is telling me at the time.

They asked so many great questions in the interview and I can’t wait to work with the lovely ladies at VeryKemi again. And hopefully have them on the powders site soon. So head over to their website and check it. Just click the picture below.

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