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I have all the time to spend laying around my house and I know you have the same thing going on. But this is the time to check out some of the products you haven’t tried. What about that tanner that takes time for it to develop and you want to try something like that when you don’t have plans to go out of the house. Before you slap on that sun-kissed tanner there is something you have to do to make the process easier and the result looks fabulous. So let’s talk about it,

The first step we are going to start with is prepping the skin before applying the tanner. So you are going to use an exfoliate first. This is the most important step. If you don’t remove the dry and dead skin you will end up getting a tan with dark clumps and streaks. Yikes! You can also shave to have a more smooth surface so the tanning lotion can absorb evenly. Shaving before applying the tanner will also help your tan last longer.

I like to do two pumps of the tanning mousse on my mitt and closing my mitt a couple times to get the mousse saturated on the mitt. Then apply in sections, I start with my legs and work upward. The color will look so intense but it’s so you can see where you have applied. Be sure to use circular motions, that is the easiest way to make sure you have covered all of the areas. If you notice some streaks don’t be alarmed just simply go back over it with your mitt and blend it more. Do your ankles, wrists, and elbows last of each section, those areas absorb more tanner than the rest of your body.

Once you have applied it to your body, allow time for the tanner to dry and develop the color. Make sure to wear loose-fitting clothing. I have a dress that I never wear anymore that has now become my tanning outfit. Silly I know, but it’s so easy that way and to know I am not damaging any clothes that I love. Now when your tan is ready, rinse as directed and do not use soap just rinse and pat dry. To enhance the length of your tan make sure to moisturize often. Regular moisturizing will help absorb your tan better.

I always get questions if you can apply tanner to your face. Yes you can but as always if you have sensitive skin I wouldn’t recommend it. This is how I apply it to my face. I like to put it right where I would normally add bronzer, So that would be right at my cheekbones and the top of my forehead and the sides of my nose. This way I have the sun-kissed glow on the right places of my face. It’s totally scary the first time you do it. And just remember to blend. Your tanner on your face probably will not last as long as your body the reason is that you apply so many different products each day on your face vs your body.

I love spending the day out in the sun just soaking it up. But it is not good for your skin and I say this so much but skin damage is the biggest way to age your skin. I don’t know why but when I have a fresh tan on I feel so much better. That is why I use the moosse tanner. In this post I am using Tanned AF by B.Tan. A friend on instagram said I needed to try this tanner ASAP, I have been waiting to try this tanner for awhile. It is sold at walmart and was easy to add to my grocery cart for the pickup option.

I hope you found this post helpful and want to share it with others. Do you use tanning moose? And if so which one? Let me know in the comment down below or on the Let’s Chat Page.

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