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I know I haven’t shown any new products in a while but I’m trying to be responsible for what I am purchasing. By reusing products and trying new techniques, it is helping me focus more on what I already own. With that being said since I am changing my ways into becoming cruelty-free and (that info is for another post) it got me thinking about how much waste I am using daily. I wanted to start making some changes in my daily makeup life.

What can I do? What is something I use every day in my makeup routine that is so much waste? Hello, cotton rounds! I know that reusable rounds are out there but where are the good ones? After doing a lot of research and I reached out to some of my followers and asked what is their thoughts on reusable facial rounds and do they like them? I got some outstanding feedback and questions they have are the same ones I had also had so let’s talk about it,

So I told myself to start small and I will be starting in the bathroom and working my way through the whole house. New ideas can get you excited but can also overwhelm and sometimes when we do get overwhelmed with an idea we can give up. I didn’t want to set myself up to fail so starting small is a great idea.

What is the need for reusable facial rounds? I started by adding up all the single-use rounds I would use in a month. And it boggles my mind, not only am I wasting my money on something I throw away, but also throwing it away into the world. The need for reusable items is huge.

I was using at least 4-6 rounds a day depending on what makeup I’m wearing or what skincare is being applied. Now cotton rounds are not excellent for your skin. Usually, the fiber that is used to make rounds are not 100% cotton. Most of the time they are made of synthetic fiber so it can easily be a one time use. How many times have those fibers got into your eyes or stick to your lashes?? Many times like me I am sure.

Reusable makeup rounds are a smart and easy change in your everyday makeup routine. I love the ones I found at Marley’s Monsters. This isn’t a sponsored post but if you are interested in the round I posted a link below. These rounds are soft and are made of 100% cotton and flannel. I purchased two sets and I really thought I would need a lot but I was surprised that I didn’t need that much since I would be washing them each time I did laundry. The size of this of the rounds is great and larger than I expected. They are so gentle and on my face and they have a lot of room on the round to cover the area when removing makeup. You can easily bend the round to gently remove eye makeup. I also use them to apply toner and as I was applying I could tell the product doesn’t sink into the material, it rather sits on top.

Laundry was a big question when it came to these babies, Yes you can wash them with another laundry. Simply drop them into a mesh bag after you use them and then add the bag to your load of laundry. I seen a few people say that it is better if you rinse them after you use the round I don’t think it’s necessary. Like all other clothes you want to wash them with like colors on a warm setting and you can dry them on a low setting as well. If you don’t want to take the risk of them in the dryer you are more than welcome to dry them naturally. Whatever works for you is best.

Now, are they going to stain? If you buy plain white rounds I’m sure that it’s going to stain some. But I didn’t want the plain white look, and on the site that I purchased them from they have blush, dark colors and fun patterns. I went with something that would match my decor in my bathroom since they will be out on my vanity. I also purchased the wood holder from the same site because I thought it was adorable and would look so good on my vanity. You don’t need to buy any special holder, you can always use what you have and these rounds would look great in a glass jar too.

I really enjoyed doing this post because it helped me see what other things I can easily change. Is this a change you have been thinking about? Or is this something you have made the change and is using them regularly. I want to know it all! As always let me know in the comments or on @powdersandpalettes

This is not a sponsored post. I linked where I purchased the rounds and the holder below. I also have a coupon code for you to use to get 10% off your purchase.

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