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Hey Loves!

Since being home all the time I haven’t been wearing makeup that often. But there has been an eye look I have been doing over and over. So I thought it would be a great time to show you how to do another eye look. So let’s talk about it.

So we are going to be working with the California Love palette by Colourpop. I wanted to show you another way to apply and get a different look out of this palette. I did a post before using this palette showing you the colors and I will link them down below. I really enjoy using palettes from Colourpop because they give a lot of pay off and are pretty easy to work with.

We are going to start by priming our lids and then choosing a base color.

  1. Gnarly has been the color I have been using but you can use something that matches your skin tone. Let’s begin by placing the base color all over the lid.
  2. We are going to be using The Bay and placing that in our outer corner. Now we are going to really blend that and making sure we stay on the outside. Take your time. I know on videos it looks so easy to blend but that’s video life and it can be sped up and not real time. Once that is done, we are going to move on the the inner corner and do the same thing with The Bay. Lets leave the middle open so we can make a halo eye.
  3. So you can stop here and move onto the halo eye but I have really been into the shade Sequioa a lot and i’m going to add that color and blend into my crease area and then blend The Bay into it.

Okay now that we have those colors layed down the halo eye is were we are going next, you can choose any glitter shade in this palette but I like Cruisin for this look.

4. I’m just going to take crusin on my finger and apply it right in the middle and swipe upward. I love the look this gives. Here you are going to working in the center and with a tapping motion, tap the color up the eye and you can even go above the crease. Doing this simple step will get a halo eye but it will look more elongated. Before I move on I am going to tap out the sides of the glitter so you don’t have harsh lines. You want the shadow and glitter to have a blended look. After I just said blend again I laughed This look should be called blended something. I’m saying blend too much but your getting practice, right? Ha!!

I didn’t bring the color down under the lash line because I want it to look clean and simple. What do you think? This is such an easy and simple eye look. Yes, it seems like a lot of steps but when you get into the groove of doing it, it becomes so easy and looks like you put a whole lot of time into your eyeshadow.

Check out the link below for my full review of the Colourpop makeup haul i did a few post back.

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