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Plastic is such a light object that wind can pick it up and whisk it away and it can travel long distance. I talked to you in my reusable facial rounds post about how I am incorporating Eco friendly products into my beauty routine. If you want to check out that post I will link it down below.

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Since I have been loving the change from single use cotton rounds to reusable facial rounds. I knew it was time to find something that I use in my everyday beauty routine to ditch. I was getting low on cotton swabs and I needed to write it on my grocery list. Then I wondered is there something else I can replace this with? That was the last swab well this is the last swab. It is a alternative to cotton swabs that comes in two versions. One for regular use of cleaning ears, and the other is designed for the beauty needs. The regular one has little ridges on it to be able to grab all the unwanted wax in your ear. Now for the beauty swab it has a tear drop shape so you can remove stubborn makeup.

The last swab is made from medical silicone for the buds and the core is a compact nylon. Both versions are soft, strong and durable. This swab replaces your cotton swab for up to 20 years. Now when I think of single use items like cotton swabs I picture that little seahorse that was attaching itself to a swab. A lot of items in the beauty world is single use. I want to be able to provide feedback on things that don’t have to be. That’s the reason I fell in love with the concept of the Last Swab.

Your next question i’m sure is how do clean it? Now when I get out the shower I use the swab and it works so well at its job. When i’m finished using it I simply wash it with soap and water. To store it you just place it back into the carrying case. The carrying case is also biodegradable, it is made from a corn based material. Also the swab comes in a range of colors. I picked the pink one and I got the black one for husband.

You can add makeup remover to the beauty version to remove eye makeup. The only thing I didn’t try was to smudge eyeliner. I didn’t think about trying that. But I don’t see why it wouldn’t work for that. Something it doesn’t work for is nail polish remover. Since the buds are made from silicone it will not with stand acetone.

Now when I was asking some friends how often and how many cotton swabs they use on a daily. Listen, they thought I had been staying in the house too long. But no really, how many are you using? And what are your thoughts on reusable and alternative products?

Breana is a participant in the GoAffPro Affiliate Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to the partner site.

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