Elf Retro Paradise | Review + Tutorial

I haven’t been going many places and when I seen this palette was coming out I wanted to run to Target. I have been only limiting myself to go to only places that are a need. So I had to purchase this online. Why is it once you get your email saying your item is on it’s way you need to refresh the page over and over like that makes the shipping faster??? Well I couldn’t wait for this to get to me. I had been searching for something that was just summer colors. And when my eyes seen this I was in love with this collection so lets talk about it,

How are these products?

This 18 pc palette has a great range in colors from naturals to light pastels and some duo chrome. They do blend nicely but there are the shimmer shade that just don’t have a lot of pay off. I love the lay out of the palette how one side is the natural day to day shade and the other side is the more intense colors which is nice. I want to try a few more looks with this and see what else inspires me to create.

I did pick up the primer oil from this collection. I have oily skin and I wasn’t sure this was gonna be okay for me. I still wanted to try it and I am so glad I did. It gave my skin such a nice glow and look plump. I use it by placing one drop on my palm and warming it up. I appliedit by tapping it onto my skin where I want it to be more glowy. The oil wore well and I didn’t turn into a grease ball from it ha ha. I feel if you wanna try anything from this collection to try this and see how it works for you, I would love to know.

Easy colorful eye look

On a flat brushes lets take canvas and pat that onto the lid. Then lets pick up the purple shade Tropicana and start at the inner eye and stop mid lid. Then we are going to pick up Sandy Bum and place that at outer corner and meet the purple. I wanted it to be a little bit smoky so lets get cacao and deepen that on the outer corner and close to the lash line. Then lets move back to the purple shade we are working with and use our finger to blend in a tapping motion where the brown and purple shade meet. If you want you could even add the shade Paraiso in the middle and tap up ward for a halo elongate. Okay before we are done lets take Sandy Bum on the lower lash line.

I like how the colors worked together and blended well. That purple shade I am in love with. But at the same time the purple shade is very dry and has a lot of fall out. This eye look is a nice day look with a pop of color. I really wanted to create a look with the blue shade sip sip but it wasn’t working with me. Do you want to see another look using this palette? And is this something you will pick up? Of course leave a comment down below or follow me on Instagram where we can chat more.

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