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I never thought I would be writing to tell you about a palette from someone that I lovvve to watch on you tube. Now I have a few of people that I have to watch as soon as they release a video and Kristi is one of them. So let’s talk about it,

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When this video came out talking about how Kristi was making this palette and it was launching in a short time from the video, I was hooked. The colors are everything. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this palette. A few nights ago I had a nightmare that I had already used it up and I couldn’t get another hahaha. There was something else that caught my attention, it was how this palette was 18 pressed pigmented shades but it was duel sided. I couldn’t love that idea more. Yes there has been other dual sided palettes but this one is so compact. Think how easy it would be to take that along with you when your able (someday) to travel. I have a video how this duel sided goodness works.

I love both sides to the palette but I really like creating looks with the nude side. I just haven’t had the chance to fully play with the color side. What side of this magical palette would you gravitate too?

The shades in this palette are so pigmented, rich and so soft. You only need to pick up the tiniest bit to start with. Now since they are a pressed pigment and are very soft they do have some kick back. But don’t worry it isn’t much which is very impressive.

So I wanted to do two looks for you using this palette. And I really hope Pur Cosmetics brings this back and if they do my plan is to get a few so I can do a giveaway, so you can have to chance to play with this palette too!

Lets start with the nude side, First I started with My whole heart and place that all over the lid. All of these shades have unique names and Kristi named them all with a meaning with something that meant a lot to her. Now this is my favorite shade in the whole palette Camelot. I love the rich yellow color this shade has. I’m trying not to use it each time I use this palette but I find myself reaching for it each time but let’s place Camelot in the inner corner and up into the crease. Next lets add Copper boxes this is also a favorite shade of mine, with Copper Boxes add that in the crease and blend it into the yellow Camelot shade. The shade are all highly blend-able and have such a major color payoff. Now to add some smoky lets pick up bee and bring that to the outer lash line and outer corner. Lets not forget to bring Copper Boxes to the lower lash line. This eye look just feels like it should be autumn and you need a warm sweater and a good coffee. Now if you want to bring this to the next level lets flip over the palette. You can pick up Garden State or Hurtful and add this color to your lower lash and it’s so gorgeous. One tip for the lower lash is to place a color like Copper Boxes first and then a bold tone to be able to really blend it.

I want to give the bold colors its own place to be recognized so next week I will be share my look with the bold side of the palette. I know, I know you want to see it now but I don’t want this post to be so long and I want to be able to show you the shades and give you the best look with the bright colors. I also will have all the shade swatches in the next post.

What colors do you want to see me use in the bold color side to this palette? Leave a comment down below. I’m really wanting to use that purple shade. Its speaking to me but we will see what happens. See you next week. Also I started a Powders and Palettes Facebook group so I can be able to respond more easily to you and connect more. Head over to Facebook and check it out. I hope you have a beautiful and wonderful day. I love you guys so much! See you next week,

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