Ideas For an Indoor Photo Shoot | Quarantine

I have been trying to keep my creative mindset on since I have found a groove during this quarantine lifestyle. It has been so hard to get creative and not let the couch talk me into another binge worthy marathon. Or rewatching Gilmore Girls for the millionth time Taking my work outside is helping me so much. Even though I don’t have to be productive and telling myself that my feelings are real and they are okay.

I had my birthday during this time and it had me thinking that just because I am inside doesn’t mean I cant bring my fun content photos inside. I have a few ideas to share with you and if you recreate some of them I would love to see them. Tag me in your photos on Instagram @powdersandpalettes. okay so let’s talk about it,


For this I just got a cute dress that would wouldn’t clash with my background. And I don’t have a chair that is backless so I used my coffee table. I know it sounds silly but it worked out perfect! I just played with my hair and laughed and it turned great.


Trying to take every opportunity of being outside has been my thing since being at home. Bubbles are such an easy item to bring along with you during a walk or even on your own patio. Finding the bubbles did take some weeks because everyone is buying things to use outdoors. Just a reminder I didn’t go to store to purchase anything of these props. I’m having my groceries delivered so they all are items that I could receive with my groceries delivery.

Citrus | Fruit

This makes for such a great photo. The colors just pop on camera and and go along great with your lunch later. Gosh you can tell we have been doing a lot more snacking. I know you know what I am talking about. Now holding a piece in front of your eye or next to your beautiful face is a great start or even taking it outside to have your head in some shallow water with the slices floating behind you look beyond amazing.

I know this was a super short post and not anything makeup related but it was just plain fun. How cute are all of these ideas? Which idea do you like the most, I love them all but I think I do have a favorite and it was the fruit! Can you tell? I don’t know why I loved it but it was so much silliness and I needed a good laugh and just to be plain silly. What do you think? Is this something you would want to do? Tag me in your photos so I can check them out.

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