Round Brush Blow Dryer | Hairstyle

Hello Loves,

In the last month I have been getting messages to show you how to use the round brush blow dryer. This isn’t a blog post comparing reviews on different dryers. I did purchased mine from TJ Maxx because when I wanted to get one I didn’t want to spend a lot on something I might not use. I will name the brand down below. Let’s talk about it,

I was a round brush and blow dryer user. But using this has made my hair time in the morning much shorter. Now this is my own take on Claire Marshall blow drying technique. When I used the round brush and blow dryer I used the same technique so I tried to make it my own to work with my hair style. My hair is medium length, and has some layers.

I always part my hair into sections, typically I do about four sections. I dry my hair different for the top layer of my hair and we will talk about that when we get there. And working from the back to the front really helps.

Now this is where it gets a little tricky, I use the opposite hand from the side of hair im working on. My arm is over my head and then position the brush top at my scalp and then flip my arm down as I dry.

We work on that until the top layer. I like my hair to have a slight framing of my face.

Will you be getting a blow dryer brush in the future or is it something you wouldn’t use? Did you like the video of the tutorial? I’m going to start trying to add more videos in my coming posts.

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