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Hey Loves,

Having this unsettling time has really put it in our hearts to be mindful of how we are helping the community and what we can do indoors. I haven’t shared this on this platform but I am part of a comic book company. Evil Robo Productions is there to help creators find where to take their next step. We also do collaborating with other companies or creators to bring comics to life.

We understand how this quartine is affecting our fellow comic book readers out there. So we want to share our digital comic collection for you free of charge. Giving back in this uncertain time is something we all can do from the comfort of our homes.

Click the link below to head over and start finding some great comics by some amazing creators.

I do have a great post coming this week for you that is my usual content, I am trying to do more content and also having some time to spend with family and myself. I want to be a great outlet in this time. How are you doing? Besure to add me on social media so we can stay more connected.

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