Can one brand make the same product twice? But which one is better?

Today we are putting one brand to the test. And to find out which of the two products are worth your time and money.
Hey guys welcome back to the blog. Today we are going to play a game called one brand, two products. We will be ranking this products against each other to see which product is best for you.

In this round I will show you all the items that come with each product when you purchase. Each product will be based on a Target price point. The ranking will be from one to ten with ten being the best.

Let’s start with the Falscara. The Kiss Falscara retails for $24.99, the complete kit comes with 24 lashes with an assortment of lengths . The bond and seal, the applicator, overnight setter and the remover. I will give it a 8. It seems like you get everything you need. But there is also another Falscara kit that doesn’t come with all these items so read the packaging before purchasing.

This is the Kiss Impress Lashes retails for $19.99

This kit comes with 30 clusters of lashes and the applicator. Whoa that’s not much in this kit. It makes me feel maybe more items are going to need to be purchased separately. I will rank it at a 6. I just feel like more things are missing.

*Please note in the Impress image I was using the lashes at the time of the picture was taken. That’s why some lashes are missing.

Application round. I will show how to apply each set.
In the Impress video you can see how the Falscara starts to move at the end of video*

In the Impress video you can see how the Falscara starts to move at the end of video* I will give the Falscara a 5. And for Impress I give it a 9. It was an easy progress and I love how the lashes look. The Falscara doesn’t give a lot of volume more of a natural look.

This round is for wear time.

The falscara doesn’t feel secure. After you wear them they start to move around. I feel like if I’m not carful then I will lose one. I give them a 5. I just can’t see these staying in placed. IF I could get them to stay and not move around I would love these. The lashes are pretty and natural. But with the product moving im not giving it higher score.

Impress lashes are tight. There is no moving like the Falscara. I have wore a pair for the whole day and nothing was bothering me. And I didn’t have the feeling that I was going to lose one. Even when I went to take them off it was an easy process and the package says that I can get three or more wears out of them. I give this an 9. Yes, that is a big score but when you’re out and about you don’t want to worry about your lashes. Or even be embarrassed when one fly away like I felt with Falscara.

The Impress lashes became the winner! I have to say these lashes really impressed me Ha! But really, they did. I am sad that the Falscara didn’t score higher in the rounds. Which set of lashes did you like? I had a lot of fun doing this game and having a new way to show you a product. More types of this content will be coming along this year!

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