Welcoming 2023 with new space.

A new year is the time to welcoming new ideas, new opportunities and joy. For me this year I am welcoming less.

For me I don’t start the year with Powders and Palettes. We ended 2022 with 12 days of Creators and I take time to refresh and reflect. Before we go forward I want to give a huge applause for all the creators for Blogmas. I loved meeting them all and spending 6 months together working on 12 days of creators. A lot of work on my side goes into 12 Days. But the creator that put their heart into their content every day is so special. If you haven’t check out all the creators from 12 Days of Creators please do! I will link here 12 Days of Creators.

Welcoming the new year in February feels right for me.

This year I am welcoming less. Less sounds strange doesn’t it? But less negativity, less mess, less burnout and less pressure.  Doesn’t that sound more enjoyable than pushing myself to do something that I need to add to my routine.

I said goodbye to a lot of makeup. We are going to talk about the products I got rid of and I won’t be welcoming back to my collection and the ones I will be replacing.

Let’s start with Beauty Bay. I LOVE this palette and I have had it for a long while far  passed its expiration date. Hands down I would repurchase and recommend it.

I can tell you this palette is already in my cart and waiting for me to click check out. BUT…. There is a new palette from beauty bay that is this palette but 2.0 I might be welcoming two new palettes into my collection.

The Dream big palette I can tell you I was extremely excited when I seen this palette  It had all the things I wanted but when I got it, it didn’t really stand up to the idea and creativity I had imagined.  Lots of pans fell out and broke or just wasn’t the pay of I wanted. Now for colourpop to not have something that met my expectations was odd.

It’s sad to say this isn’t a repurchase. It spend a lot of its days in the drawer.

Profusion gosh I want to love them but anytime I try a product it seems to not last or there is no pay off. With this palette that is case.

How do you start the new year? Is it with something new or less?

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