Splashes Lash Review

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Today we are doing a lash review! It’s been a while since I’ve purchased new lashes. And lashes that I really like.

These lashes are from Splashes Lash. I really fell in love with this set of lashes. They do offer many other styles and decals available. But the bat lashes were so cute and different. I am going to be doing a Halloween series and these will work perfectly for a costume accessory.

These lashes are lightweight and comfortable. Since they are lightweight it makes them easy to apply. Having the decals on the lashes adds a little cute flare. They feel so much fun! I have a discount code for you. Use the code WELCOME at checkout to get a discount on your first order. Splashes Lashes

This was a very short review but next week will begin the beginning of the Halloween series. I can’t wait to show you all the fun spooky season themes!

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