Gray Eye Tutorial

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today I’m gonna show you a gray smoky I like that I have been obsessing over. I have been wearing this I like anytime I can.

I saw a lady that I follow on IG do a gorgeous sliver gray eye. I have to say she is my inspiration for where I get creative ideas. I’ll link her IG below if you wanna check her out. Her style is different from mine but just seeing her create that I’m in love with every time is unreal.

I have the nude palette from Beauty Bay that has a row of grays. But you are able to use any palette with gray. I feel that gray is such an overlooked shade. For brown eyes, gray can really make your eye color POP!

For this gray eye look, I use a lighter base primer to make the grays stand out. Then I chose a light gray to place down on the lid. After that shade is placed I blended a deeper gray in the crease and blended that into the lid.

Any shade of gray has blue in it but the one from Beauty Bakerie (pictured below) is my favorite for this look. But any gray that you want to use will look gorgeous on you!

I know that this gray eye shadow look will be something I keep doing all fall season. Next week we are going to be talking all about a lash that I got because of TikTok.

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