Mascara Review

Today we are putting two mascaras head to head so,

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For the past two months, I have been using two mascaras that are all hype. But are they worth the change?

I was excited to see how this mascara would stand up to the telescopic. The wand only has bristles on one side like a comb. For me, the wand really tells me how well this mascara is going to be. Yes, the formula is something that plays a big factor but also it’s the one wand.

The formula for me seems good I don’t think it holds such a good curl as everyone does say. I was excited to see my lashes really curled but I just don’t feel like it was fully there.

I’m kind of sorry to say that I wouldn’t repurchase this mascara. This mascara needs a better wand and it is easily able to come off. If it gets a little humid or then it starts melting off.

This mascara retails for $9.98

What are your thoughts about this mascara?? Is there something I am missing about this product????

When using both of these mascaras I realized I don’t really like the wands. I have very straight lashes and for me I like my lashes to be a little more lifted, full and fluffy. I would typically be looking at a wand that has a more curve shape versus a comb wand.

But that being said I really do enjoy the telescopic formula. I find that it has that fuller look it is very black. And that is something that I really look for when it comes to mascara.

For me, if I had to choose the angel versus telescopic I would choose telescopic. I just like how the formula was better. It wasn’t flaky, it has a dramatic black color. And I could use a curved one shape wand instead of the comb and get everything I want from this mascara.

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