Watermelon Era 2

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Hey friends, welcome back to the blog. I have been having a lot of fun creating new looks and using different techniques. Today we are doing a bright fun bold eye look

As always I started with prepping the eye. We want these colors to really stand out so I blended in a white base to have the colors be able to pop. Then I mixed the green shade and micellar water together to make the liner. Using this technique is an easy way to use any of your shadows as a liner.

Now the fun part of drawing the liner. I started the green liner from the outside of my eye and then went up into the crease.

After the green liner was placed I mixed together a red watermelon shade. For the red, I had a regular winged eyeliner in my mind. I started from the edge of my eye and went straight out and overlapped the green. Then I brought the red liner back into the middle of the eye. I add a more dramatic lash for this look. And I add a couple adhesive gems.

Beauty Bay Brights Matte Palette

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