Watermelon Era

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For the next two weeks, we are going to create two different looks with watermelon in our minds.

Today we are gonna create a watermelon look. I’ve had this watermelon era in my mind for a long time now and it had to go and be created so I could move on from it.

Watermelon is such a staple for summertime and its fun colors.

Main Squeeze – ColourPop

This monochromatic palette is from color pop. It’s the main squeeze shadow palette. This pallet has mattes, metallics, and chrome shadows. I love ColourPops palettes because they’re fun and they’re vibrant. You can buy this pallet individually or in the big dream shadow palette set that’s how I purchased this palette.

Let’s get creating

we are going to start by priming the eyes and setting down a base. The first shadow we’re gonna pick up is Frosé. We’re going to place this all over our eyes. Then we’re going to pick up the next shade Big Gulp and place this into our crease and outward. Make sure that these two shades are really blended and look really seamlessly. Next, add Like It’s Hot into the outer crease and take that shade to be our outward shape. Once again Blend Like It’s Hot into Big Gulp.

Then take a concealer and do a cut crease. We are going to place the concealer on a flat brush and pat it over the lid. From the corner of your lid to the crease and stop in the middle of the lid. Then we are going to pick up this shimmering shade called Maraschino. With Maraschino we are going to use our finger to really pack this shade on the concealer area. This is going to make it so vibrant! For the green, I mixed two shades in the Brights Beauty Bay palette to make the right rind shade. Add a light lash and we are ready for a watermelon era.

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