Bonus skincare

Hi Friends! WOW, where have I been??? Well, I just took some time for myself. Sometimes You just need to remind yourself that you need to take breaks and social media breaks. But while I was on a break that I didn’t even plan which is a big deal. I support a lot of local businesses during that time. It was a lot of fun!!! I tried a new pizza place and even went to an event to support some of our past Blogmas creators.

But now we are back to the beauty life and I’m recharged and ready to talk to you.

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Mineral 89 Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum Moisturizer


I use this moisturizer sometimes at night. I switch it up. I wouldn’t recommend this to be used under makeup because it is too hydrating and will cause makeup to lift.

I love the glow this moisturizing serum gives my skin. For my skin, this serum works best in the warmer months.

The serum is packed with hyaluronic acid to give your skin strength. It also has Volcanic water that is to strengthens the skin barrier and protects from exposed factors such as UV rays and pollution.

Watermelon face mask

Trader Joes

I love using this face mask once a week. This mask is packed full of amazing benefits such as glycolic acid, squalane, watermelon fruit water, watermelon seed extract, and watermelon fruit extract.

Great Barrier Relief

Krave Beauty

This little guy has been in my skincare routine for a few years. I still am in love. I use this when I need to target some texture. Or even spots that need the extra power to heal and not leave color behind. You can use Great Barrier Relief anytime but for me, it works better at night. I live where the sun is shining more than anything. So I’m gentle with what I use in the daytime.

I wanted to share these few extra skincare products to show that your skincare routine can anything you need it to be. There is a lot of skincare out there in the wild ha ha! But make sure that it works for your skin and isn’t just a hype.

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