New Makeup Review | Elf

Hi, friends welcome back to the blog. Today we’re doing an exciting makeup review so let’s see how the cookie crumbles,

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Before we began this makeup review I just wanted to tell you that I didn’t buy everything from the Elf Cookies and Dream Collection, I just picked a couple things that I felt like I would actually use. I didn’t need everything from that collection, they added the primer with a scent and I already have a few other primers from them that need to be used first. AIso wanted the lipgloss but right now since I’m wearing a mask all the time I just didn’t feel like it was the right thing for me to add to my collection right now and everything else didn’t really like grab my attention I think the collection was adorable! I just wanted to choose what was right for me.

Cookie and cream eyeshadow palette is cute and compact I love the packaging. I gave it four stars because I think there could be a little more shade difference. but I still love it that’s the only thing that I really have a bad side of seeing it is that it could be a little more but the small compact eight shadow palette. and if you don’t have a blue palette in your collection I would recommend this one.

No budge eyeshadow sticks are always a great idea from ELF they are budget-friendly, they last long, they have a great payoff. I can this one also four stars because I can’t really see myself giving this stick 5 stars. I mean I would recommend you buy it. I haven’t used it as a shadow stick I’ve used it as a highlight on the end of my nose of the bridge of my nose and under my brow

No budge eyeshadow and Midnight milkshake. I gave this shadow stick four stars as well because it’s wonderful. I don’t know if I said this before but the shadow sticks are not pulling and they’re really nice they glide well they have long-lasting pigments and you can use them for other things than just eyeshadows. I use this as a lower lash shade to add a little black. The shadow stick has a little bit of shimmer in the shade.

What do you think about this collection from Elf? I tell myself every time Elf comes out with a new collection that I’m not gonna purchase anything. Then I see it in the store and somehow make its way into my basket.

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