Products I’ve Been Loving!!

Today we are going to talk about some things that I’ve been loving and as always I want to know what you have been loving is it a new show? Is it a new product? What are you loving?

Some of these products might not be new but that’s OK. I’m loving them and I’m excited about them and something that makes you excited and feels good doesn’t always have to be brand new and fresh out of the package so,

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I’ve had this yellow palette for some time and now that the season is changing into spring I wanna have a little more color.

This pallet is a nine-pan press powder palette. It ranges from dark yellow to bright yellow and has some shimmer shades.

In an upcoming post, I will be doing a full look using this pallet so I didn’t wanna show you everything about this because I want you to see what I create with just this pallet.

I NEED all the shades.  I don’t even know if I can start to tell you how much I am loving this lip stain. It’s comfortable, has great lasting power.  If you remember the old lip stain that was a chunky marker. Well, this is the glow-up.

This tinted hydrator foundation has been a hype lately. That’s kind of the reason that I picked it up. And I’m really glad that I did.

As you know I’m an oily girl so I was kind of skeptical about making this purchase but to my surprise I really enjoy I? It doesn’t have a very good shade range so I’m in medium tan and if it’s been pretty nice I could see me wearing this a lot in the summer or in the warmer days just for light coverage. And I can say I will buy it again.

Now, this might sound silly to be loving but here it is. This healing ointment has been my go-to for everything. Lips all day and before bed, and add moisture around my nails, and even my shoulders because they get extra dry. It’s just wonderful.

Are we loving anything the same?? I wanted to add one more product but I’m putting it to the test before I can share it. SUSPENSE!

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