12 Days of Creators – Blogmas Day Seven

It’s day seven! I can’t believe we’ve met six great creators already and now we’re on to day seven.

Today we are going to meet an amazing YouTube creator! so let’s get started,

Everyone does blogmas a different way, and my way is so different. I showcase 12 creators that inspire, show their creativity, and simply show their love for their passion. So get ready to meet 12 amazing and I mean AMAZING creators over the next 12 days.

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My name is Noah and I am 8 years old. I started my YouTube Channel 2 years ago with my parent’s help. I started off just like a lot of kids on Youtube opening mystery boxes and talking about toys but then I wanted to review and talk about other things like places we were visiting like comic conventions. That is where I found my love for comic books, comic book artists, and began my love for reading and having favorite comic book writers like Donny Cates. The Comic book family/community is to me the greatest community you can be a part of. They have taken me in and showed me so much, love ❤

This showed me another side of what I love to do and that is interviewing interesting people. For instance Manny Pacquiao or some of the biggest names in the comic book industry like Rob Liefeld, Jim Lee, Donny Cates, Mark Brooks, Frank Cho and so many more. I have many goals of interviewing so many more that I love or who inspire me so Please keep checking as I mark them off my list.

What kind of advice would you give to someone that is trying to get into creating?

Advice for those just starting off is to know things will not happen overnight. It is hard work, very frustrating, and times like my dad says you want to throw in the towel. You have to just keep going and believe in yourself! Remember to have fun and enjoy what you are doing. People do not like fake people so if they see your passion then they will support you.

You have done so much already but can you share something that you are proud of as a creator?

Something I am very proud of as a creator is that I use my platform all the time to help and support as many people as I can especially in the comic book community. I am a part of a charity that I raise money for called Comic Books For Kids. They send comic books to Children’s Hospitals and Cancer Centers all over the United States. Another big part that Comic Books For Kids is doing now is sending to Military bases for our troops and their families. It does not make sense to have a voice and not use it to help others.

Noah do you have a favorite Holiday Film? Nightmare Before Christmas or Home Alone


I have been following and supporting Noah for over the past year and I always enjoy the content and interviews that he is doing. be sure to head over to all his social media and support Noah and everything that he’s doing.

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