12 Days of Creators – Blogmas Day Eight

Hi, welcome to blogmas day eight!

We are meeting another creator today, so lets go

Everyone does blogmas a different way, and my way is so different. I showcase 12 creators that inspire, show their creativity, and simply show their love for their passion. So get ready to meet 12 amazing and I mean AMAZING creators over the next 12 days.

If you are new here hi, hello and welcome. My name is Breana and I love discussing and discovering everything beauty. You can subscribe to my blog by clicking that follow button. And make sure to click that LIKE button so I can keep making content for you!

Can you tell us a little about you as a creator?
Well, I grew up wanting to do something on my own rather than work for someone. I always knew it’d be related to handmade art.

What is your favorite holiday film?

Definitely Home Alone 1 & 2! 

What do you hope to accomplish as a creator?

I hope to one day have my own little studio and actually teach my skills privately to others. I’ve learned a lot, and some of the techniques I have learned aren’t as known here in the US. I’d love to share them, as well as my experience.

Can you tell us something that you’re proud of as a creator?

I’m extremely proud of how far I’ve gotten so far with my tiny business! Some of my family members didn’t think I’d actually go through with it, and that I wouldn’t actually make sales, but I’m definitely enjoying the growth I’ve experienced.

Do you have any advice for someone that is just starting out?

Do as much research as you can before starting out. This includes documentation and tax-related info, so you don’t run into any issues in the future. Also, take extra classes that are related to the things you make, so you can expand your knowledge and use it to create more new products.


Yuna is a new friend for me and I’m so excited to support her in 2022. Be sure to follow Yuna on her social media and see all the fun things she is doing.

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