Is Beauty Bay Worth It?

Hi friends, How is the new year treating you? Me, I took a loooong break off of social media and I feel like it was the right time. How did you like the 12 days of creators? I might be a little bias but I think it was soo much fun and such a great way to spotlight others.

If you’re new here Hi, Hello and Welcome my name is Breana. I love discussing and discovering everything beauty. You can subscribe to my blog by clicking that follow button. If you are already a subscriber thank you so much for supporting me! Now let’s talk about it,

Beauty bay has been around for a while but it was never something I was eyeing. Since I have been into using color i thought these would be a great staple in my collection.

So let’s start with the first palette. This is the 42 shade nude palette and its is beyond gorgeous!! All those cool tone nudes in one palette wow!

The color story and range is wonderful. And since this is the matte verison there is a row in the middle of shimmer shadows. These big size palettes are a great way for you to see all their shade range and how their mattes vs shimmers formula perform. So I couldn’t just buy the matte palette with out its friend the bright!

This one is the palette I was a little more excited for. I’m not sure what has changed my taste to more of bright bolder looks. But this palette just spoke to me. The Bright Matte 42 color palette is also so buttery soft likes it’s bestie. Now I could have gotten the regular bright 42 palette with shimmer but I have other shimmers I could use and I just didn’t see my self using that palette as much. I bet later I will change my mind and want that palette.

I got this palette in the end of October and was really into orange and it having a range of orange had my heart singing.

I will do some eye looks with this palette in a few shop my stash. That way I can show you more the shades and how to pair a color scheme. The pink row is really speaking to me for valentines.

Would you want to see separate tutorials on each palette or a mix and match. Maybe I can do both if you are interested. For the new year I really want to use what is already in my collection. With these palettes in my collection now, I can see them being in a lot of post to come.

I always love to here your opinions and recommendations so if you have an idea or a look that you think I should try let me know in the comments down below. Until next time, take care. I love you.

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