Colourpop | At Forest Sight

Let’s take a trip to the together to the Pacific Northwest . Come on let’s talk about it,

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I received this palette as a Christmas gift and I couldn’t wait to show you. We already know that I love and adore Raw Beauty Kristi. When Colourpop announced that they would be collaborating with Kristi on a collection I was so excited. Once I saw the color scheme I was in love and knew it had to be added to my collection. I love the mustard yellow she puts into the color scheme and that is almost the whole reason I wanted this!

For this look I used the brown Puffball and the yellow shade Chanterelle in the crease. Emerald City on lower lash line and West Coast for the middle for a halo look. Puffball and Chanterelle is the colors that most spoke to me.

This palette was inspired by Kristi’s home state Washington. Colourpop and Kristi did an amazing job at placing together the color story. The right hand side of the palette has me not really interested but I want to try and create some other looks for you.

I have the Pur Cosmetics collab that Kristi did. And I was so excited that she was able to do a collab with Colourpop because uhh its Colourpop!

But…. I don’t feel as in love with it as the Pur palette. I tried doing a look with some of the other colors and for me the shade isn’t right or they kind mud up. It can totally be me I’m not gonna lie. But right now I can’t say this would be a repurchase for me. I could change my mind and next week be in love with it. Ha ha ha

What do you think?? Do you have this palette? Do I need to another look using this palette??

I always love to here your opinions and recommendations so if you have an idea or a look that you think I should try let me know in the comments down below. Until next time, take care. I love you.