Explore With Me | Okc

Hello beautiful, today I wanted to spice things up and talk about something different. Maybe its the summer feeling that is making me want to travel more. Or it could be all the new podcasts I’m listening to that is filling my mind of all the wonderful things I haven’t done and the yummy food that I haven’t tasted. So today we are diving into a little trip with me and discovering a little piece of OKC. Let’s talk about it,

You might not know somethings about me because I haven’t even shared some of my past with you. Before moving to Arizona the sunset state. I was born and raised in Oklahoma. I have so much pride and love for Oklahoma. So many people are so confused and have many questions on why and what is even there to be proud of. It’s really the family feeling in Oklahoma. And with me planning a wedding in Oklahoma I want to show you a little glimpse of an amazing experience I got to see while I was visiting a few months ago. 

Art is a huge part of my life from expressing myself in my blog to attending art events on a yearly basis. Even the art culture is even something that brought me and my future husband together. So with that being said I wanted to share that with you. In downtown Oklahoma City there is so many different historic districts to site see.

The automobile district is where we are off too. Before my trips I do my research of places I want to visit and eat at. There are so many places that I had on the list to visit that I didn’t get a chance. But I knew that the automobile district was one of the places I knew that it couldn’t be skipped. In the auto district is the Womb. The Womb is a art center founded by the lead singer of The Flaming Lips. I have been a huge fan of the Flaming Lips for quiet sometime and the experience they provide for their fan base. The Factory Obsura is a new attraction and it was something that was on the top of my list.

When you arrive there is a giant boom box in the front of the building that is hands-on . You can push the giant buttons and music starts playing and puppets start moving like a dance party. You have to remember that you haven’t even walked into the doors yet, this is just a window display and its already so interactive. The theme for the exhibit is Mix Tape. Mix tapes you remember them? The joy of making a mix for your friends or a loved one to express your emotions or just to bond over something you both should love.

There are a couple of different areas that have lights or bright colored walls. A gift shop filled with hand crafted items. This is two phase exhibit that is going to have a permanent home in Okc. As your going through the musical journey you get the Kings Mouth.

The Kings mouth is an installment that is a metallic head. I know it gets better! This isn’t just some art work but your able to crawl inside the mouth and lay back to view a light show with 3D glasses on. The light show is even synchronized to a song by The Flaming Lips. I was so taken back by the glory of this amazing out of this world installment that i didn’t even snap a photo of the Kings Mouth. I cant wait to see what they do for the next installment. I plan to go with my wedding party in October.

I hope you enjoyed our little trip together. Where do you want to travel before we wrap us this year? Let me know in the comments below. I know I will be share a lot more of traveling with you because I had so much fun making this post. I also will be sharing my update on my wedding planning on my Instagram @powdersandpalettes.

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