What’s In My Makeup Bag? | Summer

Hey beauty, summer is here and in Arizona the heat doesn’t give up. I wanted to show you what I am using for my everyday makeup. Lets take a look to what’s hiding inside my makeup bag this summer! So lets talk about it,


I love using It Cosmetics CC Illumination during the summer months. I have tried the others CC creams that It Cosmetics has and I just don’t feel like they work for my skin type. I have oily skin and still I love the illumination cc cream. You would think the glow of this would make me more oily but its not the greasy look. The coverage is wonderful and very light at this same time. I got this giant sized one on QVC and it came with the heavenly skin cc brush for a great deal.


Sun Kissed glow? oh I have it. This Maybelline City bronzer guys, this bronzer is a must. Its a matte bronzer that is very finely milled so it applies evenly to your skin. I love bronzer and it is my go to when I want a new makeup. But since I have pickup this one I don’t think I have gotten a new one in awhile. It has a light coconut scent, not over powering and it fades after application. I’m not using eyeshadow on an everyday basis but I am using this bronzer in my crease. So it looks natural and gives my eyes a more enhanced look.


Right now I am trying to use what is in my collection rather than buying new things before I have even finished what I have opened. With that being said I’m thinking about doing a shop my stash type of post. Where I pick things I already own and revisit them. And it gives me a chance to see if I still like them or has the formula changed? What do you think about that type of post? Let me know in the comments below. Okay, the mascara I am using right now is Maybelline Total Temptation waterproof. The Temptation has a more of a soft look. It has coconut oil in the formula so I think that’s why it gives your lashes such a great soft look and you can build it up later in the day for more dramatic lashes. I don’t have the best lashes but this helps my lashes look fuller and keeps a curl all day.


I have been letting my face do it’s thing. In another word letting it get glowy when it wants. I have been using Physicians Formula Blush in shade Natural Rose. I know I know I have talked about this blush already in my Tops Picks post and I will put a link to that post down below if you want to see the other blushes that made the list. But this adds the perfect glow and light wash of color to your cheeks. It also has a little bit of a glitter to it that enhances your skin.


L’Oreal Paris Brush tip is by far my favorite eyeliner. On me it doesn’t melt off and there is no pulling or tucking on my eye. Yes a brush tip is terrifying but I know that you can master the technique. I love have I can make a very thin line or a thick line into a cat eye. It last all day and doesn’t end up under my eye.


Warm months are a reason to not load up on so much makeup so it doesn’t end melting off your face. So a bold lip is a way to balance with the more natural look low key makeup look that your rocking. I have been using L’Oreal color rich shine lipsticks. The colors are wonderful and have a great gloss look.

Do you have any of these hiding in your makeup bag? I have been looking forward to this post and I hope you enjoyed it too. I love hearing your feedback on what items you are using and what products I need to have in my bag. Let me know if i should try something out that your loving.

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