Let’s Get Cheeky With It | Top 5 Series | Blushes

We are adding another section to the series of the top 5! I have only done one other category of this series so far and i have it down below if you want to check that out. We are going to discuss 5 blushes you can pick up at a drugstore near you. 

It’s been awhile since I’ve had the time to be here. I don’t know if I have shared but I’m GETTING MARRIED! In October, so I am in full crunch time right now. So I have been doing writing one week and wedding stuff another week and it is wearing me out. I was thinking about doing a whole wedding series and showing you guys what I have been up too and just sharing this time with you. If you would love to see that let me know in the comments. As always thank you for your love and support. Now let’s get back to the good stuff.

As always this post was not sponsored. I was not paid to create this post. I’m bringing you my honest and own opinions.

Hanging out in the makeup aisle is one of my favorite hobbies. I bet it is yours too. I want to make an easy guide for when you want to try something new but don’t know how it preforms. So let’s talk about blush.

Milani Rose Powder Blush

This is the Milani Rose powder blush. I only have one shade in the collection but I want to get more of them because I love this formula so much. It is a great pressed powder blush that you can used everyday for a light brush of color. But you can build this up and it doesn’t get muddy. The blush blends so beautifully and seems to just melt into the skin with a gorgeous look. The packaging is flawless. The weight of the product feels more expensive and the pressed Rose is beautiful. 

Physicians Formula Natural Glow 

This blush is a soft dusty pinky plum with neutral undertones. It is very light on my skin tone and like to use it for days I’m using less makeup and just need a glowing cheek. Since this blush is very light in color it will have a different effect on every skin tone. If your more pale it will give color and a glowing pink. On a more darker skin tone it will give a glowing cheek with very little color. Everyone knows the butter bronzer and this has the same Murumuru butter creamy formula and that island coconut scent. Give this satin blush a try.

Maybelline Fit Me Blush

This cool tone blush is gorgeous. It’s a great pink and that’s the name of this one. It has a natural all day color that is perfect for an oily skin. The lasting power is there but also wears evenly. This also is very pigmented and blends so beautifully on the skin.

Burt’s Bee Blush

Now I know I have talked about this blush in the past but it is still one I can’t leave out. I still find myself reaching for this blush all the time. And I can now say I have all three blushes ha ha ha. I might have a problem. Burt’s have a great peach blush if that’s what your after, I’m a sucker for any peach blush. This one gives your cheeks a beautiful color and a healthy glow. I think it would look great on any skin tone. It applies and blends easily.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Blush

This is a great blush to add to your collection. I have it in shade 20 Vibrant. It gives a beautiful healthy look to your skin. It’s a great go to when your eye look is on the simple side but you want to have your skin stand out. It is super pigmented and a little bit can go along way. Now don’t be afraid or alarmed of this blush just use a small brush and dip into it with a light hand. Build it up as you go rather than applying then getting to much and having to fix it in a panic. Also this is a matte blush and it will look great for a spring and summer look.

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