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At the beginning of February Ulta showed their new products. And I have been wanting a new eye shadow palette and I was attracted to the LA Splash Golden Gatsby palette. The packaging is gorgeous and I’m a huge sucker for fantastic packaging. I haven’t tried anything from this brand before so it was more of a push to get something from them. If your curious to know how it performed and you want to see a look then let’s talk about it.

As always this post was not sponsored. I was not paid to create this post. I’m bringing you my honest and own opinions.

I wanted this post to be up a while ago but each time I used the palette it just wasn’t working out so I wanted to give it a few more tries and make sure it wasn’t the primer I was using or just me in general. There are six matte shades and four shades are a foil topper. On Ulta’s website, they say the eye topper can be used alone or over eye shadow to add a glowy glittering finish that will not diminish. As we move on we are going to talk more about these toppers.


French 75: A satin vanilla | Mary Pickford: A satin naked peach | Highball: An intense toasty orange | Old Fashion: A buttery brown | Mint Julep: A moss | Hotsy-Totsy: A slivery rose | Ritzy: A sparkly copper | Zozzled: Forest green with micro-fine flecks of gold | Speakeasy: An intense matte black

Since I have played around with this palette I found that you will want to do the eyeshadow before your face makeup. The shades have a ton of kickback. Another thing is the eye primer I tried my Mac paint pot, NYX base primer, CoverGirl lid lock up and nothing was working with the shadows. Finally, I figured it out since this product is so powdery it needed something that was going to hold and not be sticky so the shades can blend. Maybelline age rewind concealer to the rescue! Now the brushes to make the shadows work I couldn’t use my Morphe brushes or even my Wet n Wild brushes. It only seemed to really blend well with Real Techniques.

I started with they Maybelline concealer and used a setting powder to set the concealer. I first grabbed the French 75 and apply it all over the lid. Next, I am taking the Mary Pickford shade on a fluffy crease brush from Real Techniques and applying that into my crease. Then to darken it up a bit I am picking up some of the Highball shade and applying that into my crease and then taking those shades down under the eye. Then I am using Old Fashion on the outer corner and blend it upward. Carefully picking up Hotsy-Totsy and adding that on my lid. With the toppers, you have to layer them. A brush doesn’t work with them so make sure you have clean fingers to apply. The toppers are crumbly so you have to be careful and know where you want to place them.

In the photos below you can see how the shadows look and in the close up you can see how they just don’t blend well. I don’t have eyeliner on because i wanted this to be about the shadows and to have nothing else interfering.

Application wise take your time with this palette it needs a lot of patience. If you are a master at eye shadow then you might have no problem with this palette but if you are new to makeup you might have a few issues with this one. If I knew what I know now about this palette I probably wouldn’t have purchase it. Yes, the packaging is fabulous but all the tricks you have to do just to wear this isn’t worth it to me. Right now i am using it as my everyday palette just so I can work through it.

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