Pick of the Bunch | December

Hello gorgeous, Happy New Year! So many great things are going to happen in 2019 I can already feel the magic of the new chapter. I took some time off for the holiday and because 12 Days of Beauty kicked my booty. But it was so much fun! Did you enjoy that series? I am already thinking of new ways to make it even better for this year! Before we move on to 2019 we have to check out Pick of the Bunch!  

Jade Roller

If you haven’t been hiding under a rock this season than you know Jade Rollers are all the rage right now. Are they really something you should invest in? YES! Gorgeous they do so many good things for your skin. Rollers are used to remove toxins, relive stress and tension also to help with dark circles and even roll out wrinkles and so many more.

 Start rolling on one side of the face, repeat 4-6 times then move on to the other side.  1. Begin by starting at the middle of the chin and work towards the ear. 2. Use smaller side of the roller to work sides of the mouth. 3. Switch to the larger side to use on cheeks towards temples. 4. Switch to the smaller side of the roller for under eyes and move towards temples. 5. Going up nose to the top of forehead.  6. Start from the middle of the forehead and work outwards in a C shape.

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer

This bronzer is a staple in my collection. The formula is soft and smooth and blends easily on the skin. The scent is to die for if you love coconuts. It is a medium scent that can be smelled even in the packaging. But once on applied on the skin the scent is no longer there. Butter Bronzer has a few other options in shade range. The packaging is super cute and tropical.

Essie Nail Polish-Go With The Flowy

I have been wearing this nail polish color all month. I love the shade it’s a gorgeous dove grey with blue and pink shimmer. In the bottle, you can see the shimmer but on the nails, it is light and gives the frosted look than shimmer.

Nyx Soft-Spoken

As part of the Liquid Suede collection, this creamy liquid matte lipstick will bring you to glam level in no time. This matte mauve nude is such a beautiful color and the staying power is really there.

Pixie by Petra

I received these cute little guys in an Ipsy Bag a while back and I couldn’t stop reaching for them this month. I haven’t tried a lot of pixie products and these shadows I am in love with. The super-fine mineral duo set in shades Orchid Ornament, Plum Lace and the darker shade is Deep Plum. I have been using a light taupe shade in the crease and using the shimmer shades as my middle. Putting the darker shade on my outer crease and bring it down to my lower lash line. You can also amp up your look by just adding water. I bet I will be picking up more shades or a palette during my next target trip.

That is all my loves for the month. Do you have any of these products? I love getting all your comments and opinions in the comments section so I and everyone else can share on the topic too!

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