Best Way To Pamper Your Self This Winter

Hey, gorgeous today we are talking about you! During the holiday season, it can feel like you’re on the go 24/7. If you’re not recharging your batteries and giving some you time then by Dec 25th you’re going be in a cold cave rooming with the Grinch. Let’s bring your heart 4 sizes too big today.

There is nothing better than spending money on yourself but that doesn’t mean pampering yourself has to be expensive. What if I said some you time can be simple. Well, I have 5 ways for you to treat yourself this winter.  

Spa Day

A Spa is a great way to unplug and unwind. It doesn’t mean to spend major bucks it can be simple as running a bath with a great face mask. Freeman Beauty is one of my favorite face masks. I like how it’s not a foil packet so you get way more for your dollar. Also if you do just want to just do a sheet mask there are tons of different great brands. But I am are keeping it simple for ya, The Dollar Tree is now selling Yes To products and you can get a sheet mask for a dollar! A DOLLAR!
I also picked out a fun Glam Bath Milk Bath recipe for you to try,
Whole Milk | Epsom Salt ½ cup | Essential Oils | Toppings like Herbs, Orange slices, Bath Bombs and relax for 15-20mins

Get Together with Friends

Laughing and just being with your friends does a lot for our body and minds. When you are overwhelmed and little things like going to brunch with friends is a great way to treat yo self. My friends and I never get to just talk and laugh as much as we would like, So we planned a Saturday brunch! We knew a brunch could make you feel so much better besides making your tummy feel better ha!

Movie Day 
When’s the last time you watched something you loved? Right now Netflix has a lot of cheesy Christmas movie on and just to make a cup of coffee and watch one or four Christmas movie is a great way to unwind.

Get Lost in a Book
This is something I have trying to make more time for. Have some time that isn’t me on my phone or computer.  I recently got this gorgeous leather chair for my bedroom and I want to make it a cozy area for a good book. I also want to read crazy rich Asians I just watched the movie and now I wanna read the series.  What are you reading these days? 

DIY Project
Creativity is a great way to give you some downtime. My latest Diy project is not really a project more of me learning a new skill. Calligraphy! I have been learning this for a bit and I’m getting better and Calligraphy writing is all the rage right now. I started learning because I’m getting married in October and I want to do all the writing for it. I say that now but when it gets closer I might change my mind ha! Anyway, I wanted to show you a great easy project you can try. Calligraphy meets watercolor 

I started with a gallon size bag and used a paintbrush to add watercolor on top of the bag. Then I pressed a piece of paper on top and smoothed out the paper to help the colors go in the direction I want.  Carefully peel the paper off the bag and dry.  Pick your saying and add on top. I love the way it turned out. 

There are so many great way to show your self some love.  Try to slow down this holiday season and find some time to relax. I hope you enjoyed my post this week. If your new here Hi, hello and welcome! Hit that follow button so you can be notified each time i upload a new blog here. 

And I’m doing an Advent Calendar unboxing on my Instagram account each day until Christmas! Be sure to check that out! Until next time gorgeous, Cheers!