How I Stay Organized In The New Year

Hey, Gorgeous It’s a new year to start fresh and time to take pride in making goals and sticking to them.

You might think my goals this year are small. But I wanted to set a medium-low bar for myself so I could rise above them. Each year people set goals or resolutions that are unreal to meet. Why do I want to set myself us to fail? No, I want to crush them and feel confident doing it.

  • Drink more water
  • Learn a new skill or improve on something I have been learning,
  • Smile more
  • Spend more time with family or friends/ simple as calling each week.

What Goals did you set for yourself?

How can I stay on top of all of my goals? I got a planner! A planner, I know (eye roll). But I always have small notes or to-do list for the blog on my phone or in my purse and it a hassle to find something in there. We have all have been watching Marie Kondo and seeing people taking charge of their giant mess and I wanted to do the same.

Before Thanksgiving, I was at Micheal’s and came across an eye-catching display. Happy Planner (also known as Create 365) a planner that you can customize to fit all your planning needs. Yeah right. As I was amazed by the neat little detail this had before I knew it I was at the register checking out.

The heart-shaped discs hold it all together and allow you to take out a page and to focus on that page or week whatever you choose then you can pop it back into the planner. And since you can customize it to fit you, that means you can take out sections that you won’t use or add more too it. Let’s say I don’t need the full calendar at the beginning of each month but I would use it if all the calendar pages were together at the end then you just move. How brilliant! You can also pick up the paper puncher to add mail, coupons and even recipes.

You can find these amazing little baby at crafts store or online. They come in different sizes and different topics. If you are looking for something to help you get you organized to not have a billion little scrape of paper in your purse then try this out.

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