Butterfly eye tutorial

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Let’s be social butterflies together today and do a fun colorful makeup eye look.

Before we start creating let’s break down all the products and items that were used in this creation.

I used this eye shadow palette Brights 2.0 from Beauty Bay, I used three brushes to lay all the products. These shadows are pigmented enough that you don’t need to lay a white shadow down before. I mixed two shadows to create the pink. And used a lighter purple shadow.

I chose pink and purple eye shadow, because it will blend into a beautiful pastel look. And what doesn’t sing spring with out pastel.

After I have the shadows placed and blended together I add a shimmer to the inner corner to brighting the look.

Now the liner I went with black. No wing because we are going to level it up with something else. Place a thin, close line to the lashes line. Now to add the final step, butterfly wings!! I got these at the craft store. Now cut a little V shape in the side that you are going to be placing on your eye. Its easier to place the wing and make sure its going to work when your eye is open all the way so the wing sits in the correct place. Then add lash glue to the wing. Place it to your eye and hold until the lash glue is set. Now that you have them placed and they are dry you can finish the makeup. I used the purple shadowed last so we will blend that shadow over the butterfly wings.

I love this butterfly look. You can even add small pearls near the inner corner for a little bling.

I want to remind you to be like a butterfly and give yourself time.

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