Glowing Foundation Combo

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Today we are talking glow

I really love a glow foundation but with oily skin the glow can run to slick in .5 secs real quick. I have two products that I have been using on a daily bases and I want to share with you.

Let’s talk about how I am applying these two products. Now in the pictures I have all the details of each products.

I start with clean and prepped skin. Then I apply a small amount of each product on each cheek and my forehead. I don’t use a brush or sponge to blend, I use my fingers to blend the two products together.

After the two are fully blended and applied around my face. I then used a sponge to go over the foundations. This gives the foundation a more airbrushed look of application.

I find that if you skin is prepped and this combo will stay on, even with oily skin. I love the look of these two together. But you can wear them alone and still get a beautiful look as well.

These two product are lightweight and you won’t notice a heavy feel. You can build the skin tint up for a more medium coverage if needed. I like to keep the skin tint at a drop on each side of the face. And with the glow lotion you can place it anywhere. If you have a lower top on you can even add to your collarbone for a pop of shimmer.

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