Answering your questions about skin cycling

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I got to show you how I have been skin cycling in the recovery step. And how its been changing my skin for the better. I got a lot of questions after that last post on skin cycling which I linked it so if you didn’t see it. Like I was saying I got quite a lot of questions on the topic.

Im happy to answer any questions you have and your always welcome to leave a comment down below or DM on Instagram.

What is skin cycling? skin cycling is a way to use active ingredients at a safer process for your skin.

Is skin cycling right for me? Well I can’t say hey you need to do this. But If you think it was be good for your skin to try this process then go for it. My skin and your skin isn’t the same. But skin cycling is with active ingredients.

What is an active ingredient? The most common ones you see in skin care is Retinoids, Niacinamide, Hyaluronic acid and Ceramides. Using these ingredients in your skin care is going to help with fine lines, hydration, pigmention and a number of others.

Is skin cycling for your night time routine? Yes! You would use this routine as your night time routine. You will rotate products with different ingredients each nights. Using active ingredients on certain nights and having a resting / recovery period.

Will you be showing more videos about each nights in skin cycling ? I can absolutely make more!! If you are interested in me showing more about skin cycling and or about the nights and products let me know. I love sharing all things beauty and if you’re interested then I got you!

By using a skin care cycling routine your allowing your skin to have breaks in-between each use verses using all the ingredients at once. I hope I answered all the questions.

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