New Makeup from Walmart

Hey friends, Hope you have been having a great February. I went to Walmart recently and got some new items.

Lately makeup has had a big impact on me. That isn’t saying much but I have been feeling so creative lately and I have so many ideas and the root of it has been makeup. I want to do more and more here with Powders. And it has really made me so happy.

So when I was at Walmart I purchase some items that I haven’t used yet.

What do you think about the products I picked up? In two weeks I will be sharing have I feel about the products I purchased and had the time to try out. This was a short post this week but It was a fun one. I wanna know what you are doing lately that is bring you happiness?

I love this community and being able to create creative content for you. Click the Like button or leave a comment down below it helps me a lot as a small creator. Have an amazing day!!