12 Days of Creators Day Seven

Everyone does blogmas a different way, and my way is so different. I showcase 12 creators that inspire, show their creativity, and simply show their love for their passion. So get ready to meet 12 amazing and I mean AMAZING creators.

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Welcome to 12 days of creators. Creating for me is an important thing and more important is the creators behind it. For these 12 days, I’m spotlighting a new creator each day. I want to give you an opportunity to view their creativity.
Happy day seven! Are you ready to meet today’s creator?? I can’t wait for you to meet her so let’s waste no time!

Hello, my name is Madison and I am the owner of Buttercream Crochet! I am 19 years old and am the oldest of 5 siblings. I love to be able to show off my art to the community:)

What motivates you to create? 

I have major anxiety and crocheting is an outlet I’ve found:) I loved the idea of being a fashion designer when I was little and with my art, I’ve been able to kinda do that:)

What is your inspiration for your content? 

My initial inspiration was because of my aunt Stephanie, she is a small business owner as well and I loved the freedom and creativity that it granted her. For my overall aesthetic, I try to bring out my positivity and inner child:)

What got you interested in creating your content

I think it was a combination of sharing my art and interests, and making memories / making a difference.

What are some creative challenges you face? 

I have a hard time putting time aside for crocheting, I often feel like it’s not something I should do but at the end of the day

Who is your favorite content creator? 

@bearyboxes is a Latina-owned small business and she is such an inspiration!!

How do you decide what content/style you are creating?

I like to do what I feel is on brand for me, I also like to go with themes and things like that (for example K-pop, Starwars, etc.)

Are there hobbies or interests that helped you develop your content? 

Honestly, I started this business because I made a hobby out of crocheting and I just wanted to share it with people

I am so excited to have met Madison and look forward to watching her community grow. Make sure you are a part of her community by following her Ig.