Makeup Favorites

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Hi guys, welcome back to the blog. Last month I shared some easy fall items with you. This week we’re going to talk about colder-season makeup favorites. As always most of them are from the drugstore because I love the product that it’s affordable and accessible.

This has been everywhere and I managed to get my hands on it when it came out. The coverage is excellent and gives a glow that looks really natural. My oily skin makes me greasy. Yes, I understand it’s a glowing foundation but I don’t need to glow that bright. I definitely recommend it for non-oily skin types.

This monochromatic multi-stick from Elf is such a great product. I love using a blush brush and building up a mauve blush shade. Or even it a light lip shade.

This is by far my favorite. In the colder months, the deeper shade comes into play. And this lip liner is the one you need. It’s rich, creamy, and blends easily. This lip liner in the shade Brandy Wine is a must.

For me, mascara is hard to find at the drugstore. I prefer an hourglass shape Wanda d something that will hold a curl. This mascara has been my must-have since the end of June. The formula is very black and coats each lash. Has the hourglass shape wand that I am looking for. And holds a curl. I can’t go on to tell you how much I really like this mascara.

Those are all the things that I have loved so far in the past few months. I’m sure I have been loving loads of other things but these are the products that I’ve been standing out to me the most. It’s been a while since I’ve shared some things with you that I really love and have been using. I really just wanted to spend some time with you and right now outside of Powders and Palettes, I’m doing lots of work at my main job because it’s almost Christmas break. But the best part of things that are coming is 12 Days of Creators!

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