Halloween Series part Two Here Comes The Bride

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Hi friends I come back to the second week of the Halloween series. During the month of October, I’m showing you four fun, easy looks. I’m not gonna break them all down it’s just gonna be really simple and sweet.

This week’s Halloween inspiration was from the classic 1935 horror film, the Bride of Frankenstein.

Let’s break down the makeup

When I started thinking about ideas for the look I knew I wanted green may be gray or white.

For the eyes I laid down a white primer and then used the no budge shadow stick in sweet cream from Elf white shadow with a gray shadow to make it smoky. Then I added a green shadow that I felt really represented the Bride of

Frankenstein. I blended the green from the gray to my outer crease.

After I blended the shades together, I use the shadow stick on the lower lash line. Then used a dramatic lash.

Remember that any makeup and lashes can work for Halloween looks. The reason I’m not sharing products or brands is that for Halloween creations you can use whatever is available.

Now for the hair,

At the time my hair was dirty and it made it easier to work with. I backed comb some of the tops and the sides to have more volume. I

did a technique I did when I did a Cindy Lou hair a few years back. I used a medium-sized water bottle and cut it 3/4 of the bottle. After that, I placed the bottle in the crown of my hair. And since my hair was dirty and backed comb it was easier to work with. From there you are going to pull your hair around the bottle. Once you get your hair around the bottle my hair was longer than the bottle so I used a hair elastic to secure it.

This look came out GREAT! It came into my head what I wanted this to look like and I quickly went into action and got it all together. Sometimes looks take time and sometimes like this it takes less than 20 mins. I hope you enjoyed this look as much as I did. And I’ll see you next week for another Halloween look 👻

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