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Hi, friends welcome back to the blog. Today we are doing things simple.

If you are new here hi, hello, and welcome. My name is Breana and I love discussing and discovering everything beauty. You can subscribe to my blog by clicking that follow button. And make sure to click that LIKE button so I can keep making content for you!

It’s been a long time since I introduced myself and just talked. I have a lot of new subscribers and I wanted to take this time today hi.

Hi, I’m Breana the owner and creator of Powders and Palettes.  I have been the happy owner of P & P for three years.

I created Powders and Palettes with the idea of just a regular makeup blog. But it developed into much more. I love creating outside the box! Still have the regular post of routines and what to buy, but also my own take on things.

Beauty begins the moment you become your self I’ve always said, and I mean it. When you find your niche, or see your passion that is beauty. And that is Powders and Palettes and its community.

Besides being the owner and a content creator. I am a full-time pre-k specialist. I have been in the teaching field for over 12 years. I just completed another notch this year by going back to school and being a full-time student. I am really proud of myself for pushing and focusing on finishing early! My next goal is to be an assistant director and move forward. Besides being an educator my heart is in blogging. When I started school I majored in journalism and things changed. But I’m so glad things worked out how they did.

Now, something I am so proud of when it comes to Powders and Palettes is Blogmas. For the last two years, I have done Blogmas, and I love it. Since the blog is about me and what I have been showing all year long my focus for Blogmas is other creators. Blogmas on my site is called 12 Days of Creators. For 12 days I showcase 12 inspiring creators from all types of platforms. Blogmas brings me so much joy and I look forward to it each year.

Thank you for being a part of this community. Leave me a comment down below or on IG to say hi!

I love this community and being able to create creative content for you. Click the Like button or leave a comment down below it helps me a lot as a small creator. Have an amazing day!! I’ll talk to you next week!