Sunscreen Series Part Two

We are kicking things off with the second part of our sunscreen series. I know last week was a little short and simple. I just had way too much stuff going on and I couldn’t even process it. But we are in a great spirit and I’m ready to do the next part of the sunscreen series. 

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Today we’re diving into a drugstore favorite! I’m not always a Neutrogena fan, but I like a face serum sunscreen from Neutrogena.

This is the Neutrogena invisible daily defense face serum with SPF 60. This is an oil-free serum that is a hydrating serum that protects from UVA and UVB. Since it’s a serum and not a full-on thick heavy sunscreen, it’s very lightweight and gentle. The color is a little light pink-peach color that blends easily so you don’t have that white cast that sunscreen usually gives you.

Neutrogena Invisible Daily Defense Face Serum SPF60+

For me it works really well under my make up there’s no peeling there’s no white cast like I said before I really like it and I think I will be re-purchasing. The packaging has a pump which makes it easy to apply. But sometimes it’s hard to tell how much I am applying due to using the pump. I have been using it for the past three months every day and I still have quite of bit of product left.

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