12 Days of Creators – Blogmas Day Four

Hi and welcome back to blogmas day four!

Everyone does blogmas a different way, and my way is so different. I showcase 12 creators that inspire, show their creativity, and simply show their love for their passion. So get ready to meet 12 amazing and I mean AMAZING creators over the next 12 days.

Today we are sitting down with a comic book writer, so let’s go on an adventure!

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How did you get into this type of creating?

Went on a last-minute trip to Comic-Con with friends back in 2008 which was a weird crossroads in my life. Met some amazing creators including Kevin Eastman (co-creator of the Ninja Turtles). This got me back into collecting comics and art. At a show, I met some local and indie creators not to mention a well-known industry writer who said matter of fact why don’t you take a stab at writing something.” So I did and here we are.

I’m sure you have lots of things you’re proud of as a creator but can you tell us one thing?

That I stepped up and put my money where my ideas were. We all have ideas or visions of creating, but only a select few ever get past the idea part and make it into something tactile. One day my kids are going to be in a position where they come across my work in some compacity and say to themselves “if he COULD then we CAN.

What is something that inspires or inspired you the most as a creator?
The magic of creating something new, original, and meaningful. And doing it with people I like and respect.

What is a tip that you wish you learned earlier?

There isn’t a right way to do something. Don’t let semantics prevent you from creating your art.

Do you have any advice for someone that is just starting out?

Don’t wait till someone says “it’s okay” for you to achieve your goals or create something. Just do it. Your art and work have no master. Just an audience.

What is your favorite holiday film?

It’s a wonderful life. Cliché, I know. There is a reason it is. It is synonymous with the holiday and has helped me through some internal struggles. It is one of the best films let alone holiday ones.


Thomas is a wonderful creator and I can wait to see what he does next. Be sure to follow Thomas on his social media and see all the fun things he is doing.

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