Buying from Shein

Hello Loves,

Today I’m bring you a lifestyle post. It’s been awhile since I have done lifestyle post and I need to do a lot more. I have been wanting to purchase some clothes from Shein for a while and I finally did it. So let’s talk about my experience.

Everyone is buying clothes from Shein and I’m weird when it comes to places I don’t know. I already went in this project with a mindset that it was a scam and I wanted to take caution with making a purchase. I read that they had a BIG data hack with their site in the past. So I bought a visa gift card so it wouldn’t be my bank account on the site. I picked out four pieces. Black paper bag pants $13, green bodysuit $10, black leggings $9, and a green dress $10.

This is the black paper bag pants and green bodysuit. For the bodysuit the color is not what is pictured on the site. Both sizes of these pieces are a large. I am usually a medium but I sized up for this.

So I love the look of this outfit. The bodysuit is on the bigger size. I sized up because I was worried that the medium wouldn’t fit right. But it was just too big. The black pants are adorable and are more flattering and decent than I thought they would be. They aren’t a thick material as you can see the bodysuit underneath. Maybe if I pair the bodysuit with jeans it wouldn’t be as noticeable.

The green dress is ribbed which I guess I didn’t catch. There are many pictures on the site of the clothing but you have to zoom in to see what the material will really look like. This dress is cute but not my favorite. I think in my head it was going to look different and I was thinking I could pair it with brown boots. But when I put it on it wasn’t what I had imagined. Again the quality isn’t the best.

Hahaha! Of course you have to test out the leggings. So I really like the look of these. They are high waisted and a great length. BUT they are very very see through. So see through that you will be showing your butt to everyone when wearing these. They will have to be a at home or pairing under a dress only. After wearing these leggings for the day the legs seemed to stretch a bit and get longer. I don’t know about you but that’s not something I want in leggings. *If leggings are your jam then make sure you keep your eyes peeled because I have a great pair of leggings I have been dying to share with you but that is another day.

Okay really what do you think? Have you purchase anything from this site? If not, is it something you have thought about? I want to do a round two with buying from this site because maybe I bought the wrong types of clothing from them?

Do you have anything planned for the New Year? Something you want to do this year? I want to make this a better community. I want to push myself to do more chatty videos. So I can connect better with you. And for my home life I want to do better at meal prepping. It has been going really well so far and I told myself if I keep it in my schedule to meal prep on Sundays then it will just become a natural thing.

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