Everyday Curls | Hair Tutorial

Hey lovely, can you believe that it is already August! I took a week off from blogging and wedding prep so I can get ready for a new school year. I am a Pre K teacher as my full time job, So I had to clean my classroom and get things back in order for my new kiddos. Getting back into a routine it got me thinking how I missed having my hair curled and full of spice. Since summer had me at the pool all week and in the bright sun. Curling your hair isn’t on your mind. Heck most of the summer time my hair is up and out of my face. Tell me that is you too?

I had been going through the emails that you guys send to me and I had a lots of subscribers tell me that they would love to see some hair tutorials. So it had to think about it and I have some great ideas for you guys but I wanted to start off with a easy step. If you have an ideas head over to the chat with me page and let me know.

Okay, here we go. Let’s talk about it,

Let’s start by prepping the hair with a heat protector. If you don’t know about heat protectors they are there to provide a barrier between your hair and the heat from the iron. Right now I’m using Chi 44 Iron Guard. Spray the heat protector evenly in sections of your hair. The curling iron i’m using is Conair Double Ceramic 1inch and I got it at Target. I have links down below if you are instrested in the products i’m using in this post. This isn’t a sponsored post so i’m not pushing anything on you to buy.

Now here is the weird thing I know it looks so much better to just use a curling wand but it just doesn’t work for my hair. I don’t get the same effect and lasting curls with a wand. I like to part my hair down the middle and do one section at a time. If you like to do section by section or layer by layer then you can do whatever works best for you. Beginning at the back of the head and working toward the face.

Getting a section of hair nothing bigger than 1 inch of hair. I don’t get the same size of hair each time but you want sure they are the same lengths. If you have short hair in your section it will curl different and something’s it won’t curl they way you want. I always curling away from the face.

I leaving an inch of hair out of the barrel then I wait 5- 7 seconds and then I like to let the hair sliding down the barrel and then wrap it up tighter to the top. This gives your hair the nice wave but also makes the curl stay in your hair longer.

Once your hair is fully curled and you have done both sides. You can start using your figures to work through your hair to separate the curls and let it frame your face more.

I have talked to you about my scalp health before and since our last talk about it a long time ago, I have now changed some things in my life and it has really changed my hair health for the better. That is something I will share in a different post if you are interested. This was a new experience for me to talk about hair. I love doing braids and curls. But I have never talked about it or even done a tutorial. I hope you loved it and are gonna rock some curls soon.


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